The world of enterprise resource planning, or ERP as software has long been difficult to navigate. Companies often stick with the same solutions for years, fearful that improving their ERP software, or moving away from customized systems, would cost too much or disrupt their businesses. That is no longer the case. A cloud solution for your ERP system is typically your best choice if you share these same concerns. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you find out that cloud ERP system software can help you mitigate the costly venture of maintaining multiple different software systems and the costly hardware that comes with it. It is no longer necessary to purchase things you don't need and with the added security of the cloud, you can be sure your information is protected and ready for you use when you need it. Inspired Technology Systems offers such choice when it comes to ERP software solutions. A facilitated migration path for those coming from an AS/400 or iSeries environment makes it even easier for companies to make the transition due their extensive expertise with those systems. Consider giving them a call today.

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